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Welcome to the online store epijače.si, which boasts a wide selection of spirits, beer, wine and liqueurs from renowned Slovenian and foreign brands. The store is for all spirits enthusiasts who are tired of the limited supply of supermarkets and only want the best.


You will find alcoholic beverages in the online store epijače.si, and we would like to warn you about moderation when consuming alcohol. Make alcoholic beverages a pleasant experience and an opportunity to enjoy yourself.
We would also like to remind you that regular and excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages poses a great danger to you and the society as a whole.
Driving under the influence of alcohol is not recommended, and drinking alcohol for pregnant women is not recommended.
The minimum age to buy in the online store epijače.si is 18, so the buyer must be of legal age. The sale of alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited. The same applies to products with a lower alcohol content. Otherwise, the tenderer immediately withdraws from the contract.

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