Blue Nun 24k Rose, Blue Nun

Manufacturer: Langguth
Country of origin: Germany
Color: Rose
Level of sugar: Semi sweet
Year: /
Alcohol: 11 % vol.
Bottle size: 0,75 l
Grape varieties:  Pinot noir
Serving temperature: 8 – 11° C


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Weight 1.2 kg

Blue Nun 24k Rose

high quality sparkling wine with perfect taste. The recognizability and special feature of the sparkling wine is that the 24 carat gold particles emphasize the natural bubbles. Blue Nun 24k Rose can be a great aperitif. The aroma of a green apple intertwined with a strawberry that ends in a fresh lemon is sure to impress you. Great sparkling wine for special occasions, anniversaries or simply for fun!

* The package contains special gift packaging in the shape of a gold bar *


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