Dornfelder wine, Erben

Proizvajalec: Erben
Poreklo: Nemčija
Barva: Rdeče
Sladkorna stopnja: Polsuho
Letnik: /
Alkoholna stopnja: 12 % vol.
Količina: 0,75 l
Sorta: Dornfelder
Temperatura serviranja: 16 – 18° C


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Dornfelder wine

in a glass it impresses with its dark purple hues. The smell is reminiscent of blackberries and black currants. Complex and at the same time balanced, slightly heavier wine with velvety tannins. It goes well with various pastas, veal and pork. Treat yourself to a finish or as a companion in the evening while spending your free time and enjoyment.


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