Chardonnay 2018, de Adami

Proizvajalec: Vinska klet Zaloščan
Barva: Belo
Sladkorna stopnja: Suho
Letnik: 2018
Alkoholna stopnja: 13,0% vol.
Količina: 0,75 l
Sorta: Chardonnay
Temperatura serviranja: 8 – 12° C


Chardonnay 2018, de Adami



This noble French variety found good soil in this part of the Vipava Valley and with the help of skilled winemakers, a wine was created that enchants lovers and connoisseurs. He has a kind of exotic character and a strong and full body.

He is one of the representatives of the new quality line of the Zaloščan wine cellar, which continues the tradition of hand-picking grapes.

The straw yellow color of the wine is combined in a glass with the aroma of citrus, accompanied by the aroma of pineapple and grass flowers. The mineral flavors in the mouth end with an elegant lemon balm.


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Weight 1.4 kg


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