Merlot 2013, de Adami

manufacturer: Vinska klet Zaloščan
Color: Rdeče
Level of sugar: Suho
Year: 2013
Alcohol: 13,0% vol.
Bottle size: 0,75 l
Grape variaties: Merlot
Serving temperature: 12 – 14° C


Merlot 2013, de Adami



Quality Merlot wine, which with its characteristic red ruby color already shows its quality in a glass. On the nose we first notice the cranberries in the background and we feel a slight tone of tarragon. The harmonious taste of red currants blends perfectly with the tannins typical of Merlot. It will feel great in the company of veal, rabbit meat and goulash.


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Weight 1.4 kg

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