Spirits or brandy is called a group of alcoholic beverages that are obtained by boiling and then distilling.
Traditional Slovenian brandy is a traditional task that has not changed much over the years and has been passed down from generation to generation. Almost every grunt or farm used to have a firing pan. The best time for brandy was autumn. A lot of stories and anecdotes were born around the spirits, and in the fall, the spirits were a time of socializing, joy and fun on the farms.
Slovenia has high quality spirits, which are however under-appreciated and exposed. Burning in moderation can also have preventative positive effects against colds, stomach problems and other ailments.




  • Brodka

    Brodka eng

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  • Brin, Krucefix

    Juniper Brandy

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  • Pancho Villa Tequila, Wildflower Spirits


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  • Taxpayer whiskey

    Taxpayer Whiskey

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