Wildflower spirits is a new brand of premium spirits and liqueurs. The idea of owning a brand dates back to 2018, when the first conversations began and the search for the right distillery to share the story and business interest with us. We found it in a small village in the Gorenjska region. In the beginning of 2020, we introduced the first, and certainly not the last, series of flavors of premium liqueurs and spirits.


The traditional process of producing spirits and liqueurs is unique and tailored to each product. It all starts with picking fresh ingredients of local origin that are important for making quality spirits and liqueurs.

All ingredients are fresh and hand-picked at specific locations on the slopes around Begunjščica and Kriška gora between streams, springs, waterfalls around the Karavanke and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Certain fruits, oats and cinnamon are supplied by carefully selected, organically certified local farmers.


Fermentation is an aerobic alcoholic fermentation process that produces alcohol molecules in a fermentation preparation. The distillery runs controlled fermentation under specific conditions, and the specialty of our products is that their own alcoholic base is prepared for them. The most important is the quality and clean water, so the distillery is supplied with fresh water from the Karavanke Mountains at an altitude of 925m, which is 400m higher than the position of the distillery in the village. Distilled water is dead so it is removed in the distillery and replaced with fresh and lively water .


Aging and maceration is the process of soaking organic matter in alcohol, which makes the final product more aromatic and naturally colored.



Double distillation is currently used for all our products. This process removes poisons and unwanted substances from alcohol in the distillery. Finished distillation preserves most of the beneficial substances and removes undesirable substances such as methanol, butanol, aldehydes, isopropyls and phenols.