Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grape juice or must as a result of alcoholic fermentation. Wine is a popular and important drink that accompanies the history of European nations as it embodies the rich cultural and culinary heritage. It also illustrates the rich diversity of the country, the local climate and the conditions under which the grapes ripen.



  • Rizling jagodni izbor, Erben

    Riesling – strawberry selection, Erben

    11.70  Add to basket
  • Zelen, de Adami

    Zelen 2017, Zaloščan

    13.60  Add to basket
  • Cabrent Sauvignon, KAYA

    KAYA Cabernet Sauvignon, KAYA

    8.49  Add to basket
  • Blue Nun 24k, Lannguth

    Blue Nun 24k, Blue Nun

    14.99  Add to basket

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